Alone In Ireland

In September, I went on a 3 week journey and traveled around Ireland and Northern Ireland alone.  If I had to pick a theme for the trip it’d be “your a mighty brave lass.” That was what the young female boarder official said to me at the airport as I ran to make my connecting … More Alone In Ireland

Why Responses to Rape Culture Belong in Fiction

  Why responses to rape culture belong in fiction                 I remember some teachers throwing away fiction, in it’s various types as a waste of time, as nothing more than entertainment. I’m sure you know what conversations I refer to. Fiction however, be it novels, TV shows or movies often engages with toxic discourses, and … More Why Responses to Rape Culture Belong in Fiction

Dancing with Ghosts Tangles with Taboos

Kelsey Rambaran Re-post from The Dialog Author Emily Gillespie was inspired by experiences in mental health care system Dancing with Ghosts, Emily Gillespie’s first book, was inspired by her own experience and seeing others navigate the mental health care system. “(The book) was motivated by political frustrations and it was also in part motivated … More Dancing with Ghosts Tangles with Taboos

Rewriting abusive narratives

Article from: Jenny Mao | Copy Editor Featured image: Dancing with Ghosts by Emily Gillespie is one of the books published by Leaping Lions Books, York’s publishing house run by fourth-year professional writing students. | Courtesy of Leaping Lion Books Most people wouldn’t want to see ghosts, let alone dance with them. Yet this is what … More Rewriting abusive narratives