Ask the Author Questions

I wanted to share my  Ask the Author Questions… 
Feel free to ask me more questions in the comments, or on Goodreads.

Emily Gillespie “Dancing with Ghosts” came to me in bits and pieces. I had a rough outline, and characters and started to write — and the characters took over! I had recently completed my MA in Disability Studies, and the book was in-part inspired by my interest in mental health activism. I had witnessed the fragmented services available in the GTA, and felt that fiction would be a great space to respond to this.

I also wanted to respond to texts that romanticize intimate partner violence.

Emily Gillespie I don’t have an answer for this question. I like strong independent, raw, daring female characters. They are always the ones I fall for in texts. I also like books that de-centralize romantic relationships as being of utmost importance, perhaps showcasing platonic friendships as well
Emily Gillespie I didn’t decide to be a writer, nor did I decide to be an activist. These are callings. Writing gives me an outlet to be creative, to explore, to challenge, to express. People say that readers have the chance to explore the world– yet as a writer this pull is even stronger. I get the chance to create new people and new realities in my brain & try to bring them to life on paper for others to enjoy. I get to think my way into a different version of reality, all while sitting at my desk.
Emily Gillespie I am very stimulated by the world around me, and often draw from this as a source for ideas. If I am frustrated or excited by a social issue, my brain asks if this can be explored in fiction? Sometimes anxiety can be a great source for ideas– one thing may happen, and then brain can imagine how the situation may go differently, in a good or bad way, and an idea may be born.
As a frequent reader and media consumer, sometimes I just feel the need to respond to existing texts or social ideas. My education is in Gender Studies & Disability Studies and sometimes I come across ideas in an academic space that I also feel need explored in fiction in a more accessible way. I want to make social justice conversations within reach for everyone.
Emily Gillespie Write on topics & in the genre you are passionate about! For instance, I’m really interested in social justice & mental health activism. The content of “Dancing with Ghosts,” is very close to my heart. Due to my passion about the topic I was able to write a manuscript in a timely manner & believed in my novel when I was trying to get it out there, because the work was bigger than me~! Caring deeply about the subject & the characters also allowed me to put in long days of last minute editing!
Emily Gillespie I have yet to experience writer’s block. I find my mind continually has ideas. Rather, I struggle with deciding what to write first when I am constructing a work. For example, should this scene happen now, or is more build up needed first. Am I the only one that finds certain details exciting or will the reader enjoy them as well?
I love wandering around Toronto, I find the city so stimulating for the creative mind.
I already have future ideas for Patricia, as this character is still alive in my imagination and I can’t wait to have time to write more!

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