About Emily

Emily Gillespie is a writer, community builder, and chronic daydreamer with a passion for sharing their vision with others. They have one published novel, Dancing with Ghosts and are currently focusing on writing short-stories and a memoir. They are interested in ways that artistic practices can be used for healing, having difficult conversations, and challenging social norms, especially around mental health.

In addition to writing, Gillespie is an accessibility consultant and is passionate about changing how people think about disability, and building inclusive communities. For fun, they enjoy being outside, travelling, and sitting in cafes watching the world move sipping a warm drink. Animals, trees and water make for good friends. With this kind of brain, and an endless sense of curiosity, everyday becomes an adventure.

Gillespie is fascinated by human identity, and cares about creating a world where all  layers of personal and political identities can be celebrated. In five years, they see themselves publishing a second novel, continuing to facilitate conversations about accessibility, and helping people share their stories. They understand the urgency of their work, as Canada begins to explore intergenerational trauma, and as a society the conversation around mental health and disability progresses.  Gillespie is here to listen to these difficult conversations, offer their story, and help others develop personal writing practices to heal and understand their journey.
Head shot of Emily Gillespie